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The Gnomon Workshop

The Gnomon Workshop

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The Gnomon Workshop, the industry leader in professional training for artists in the entertainment industry.

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  Sep 15, 2023

Create Disintegration VFX in Houdini & Nuke

Effects Workflow using Vellum, Particles, Pyro & Flip with Choi Gil Nam Learn how...

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  Sep 07, 2023

Introduction to Ziva VFX: Volume 2

Soft-Tissue Simulation using Ziva VFX, Maya & Wrap 3D with Madhav Shyam Following on...

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  Aug 18, 2023

Real-Time Character & Environment Lighting

Lighting for Games & Cinematics Using Unreal Engine 5 with Eric Roin Learn cinematic...

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  Aug 15, 2023

Environment 3D Matte Painting Techniques

Environment Workflow using PureRef, World Creator, Blender, Nuke & Photoshop with Koke Nunez Dive...

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  Aug 04, 2023

Creating a Monolithic City in Unreal Engine 5

An Environment Generalist Workflow with Jianfeng Li (Allan) Explore the complete workflow for...

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  Jul 27, 2023

Designing Environments for Games

Sketching 3D Environments using Blender & Photoshop with James Lewis-Vines Sketching has traditionally been...

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  Jul 20, 2023

Creating Complex Materials for Games in Substance Designer

Utilizing Parameters to Create Multiple Materials with Kat Tamburello Learn how to create...

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  Jul 13, 2023

Designing Mechs in VR Using Medium

A Workflow Built for Speed & Flexibility with Andre-Lang Huynh Learn how to use...

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  Jul 05, 2023

Large-Scale Water FX in Houdini

Simulate & Render a VFX Shot using Houdini & Nuke with Miguel Perez Senent Discover...

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  Jun 29, 2023

VFX for Games: Creating a Fantasy Scene

An Efficient & Flexible VFX Pipeline for Games with Keagan Williams Follow along to...

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  Jun 22, 2023

Creating a Swamp Scene for Games with SpeedTree & Photogrammetry

A Complete Biome Collection Workflow With Adrien Paguet-Brunella Join Adrien Paguet-Brunella, Senior Environment...

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  Jun 14, 2023

Stylized Environment Creation for Games

Creating Stylized Assets for Unreal Engine with Rodrigo Brea In this beginner-to-intermediate-level workshop,...

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