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Josh Nizzi

Concept Designer

After graduating from the University of Illinois, Josh Nizzi was hired by Volition, Inc. to work on Red Faction 1, Red Faction 2 and The Punisher. Moving on to Day 1 Studios he worked on Mech Assault 2 and Fracture. Josh then became a freelance artist and has worked on feature films such as Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, G.I. Joe, Robot Taekwon V and Tarzan, as well as other projects for video games, comic books, toys and theme parks.

  • "Michael Bay took one look at Josh Nizzi's Constructicon, put the design into production for Transformers 2, and hired Nizzi on the spot. If you want kick-ass robots, go to Josh Nizzi."

    - Ben Procter
    Feature Film Art Director/Concept Designer