The Gnomon Workshop

3D Illustration and Environment Modeling Workflows




The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "3D Illustration and Environment Modeling Workflows", with Toni Bratincevic.


This title offers insight into the environment workflows of Toni Bratincevic, Senior Environment Modeler at Blizzard Entertainment, who shares his techniques for creating an epic 3D environment illustration with five hours of lecture and demonstration.


In this thorough workshop, Toni explains the complete creation process for his latest personal project, detailing all the key stages from concept through to final illustration. He reveals how to organize 3D environments for efficient scene management and rendering, and demonstrates how to build materials and create effective material libraries.


Procedural modeling is also a key player in this comprehensive workshop, used to build up and scatter environmental elements throughout the scene for convincing results. Sharing his non-destructive workflow techniques, Toni demonstrates how the RailClone and ForestPack plugins for 3ds Max are effective tools for designing and developing impressive environments, and his detailed lessons delve into developing futuristic 3D architecture.


Concluding the workshop, Toni’s masterclass in compositing covers color correction and post-production techniques using Fusion and provides all the skills needed to bring your fantastical, imaginative environments to life. Watch the full tutorial at