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Complete Lighting in Unreal Engine with Charleston Silverman

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Interview with Rob Nederhorst

 VFX Supervisor and compositor, Rob Nederhorst, possesses unique talent and has produced critically acclaimed work on titles such as Thor, Captain American, Iron Man 2, The Day after Tomorrow, Daredevil, and Star Trek: Nemesis. In this interview, Nederhorst divulges how he forged his career, his methods for reengineering pipelines, the day-to-day differences between VFX artist and VFX supervisor, plus, the details on his most influential past endeavors.


Read the interview with Rob Nederhorst by Genese Davis

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Realistic Dog Grooming for Production

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Game of the Year – God of War

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Creating an Illustration from A to Z with Pascal Blanché

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Firewall Zero Hour gets nominated at The Game Awards for 2018