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Anatomy of the Human Leg and Hip

Anatomy of the human leg and hip

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Introduction to VFX for Games in Unreal

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Interview with Perry Leijten

Interview with PERRY LEIJTENPerry Leijten applied his interest for the game industry with his innate technical skills and it flourished into a successful career. Now as a technical artist for Square Enix, Perry shares how he garnered experience in almost every aspect of the production pipeline and how that knowledge influences his day-to-day processes.

Read the interview with Perry Leijten by Genese Davis


The Making of God of War with Santa Monica Studio

The Making of God of War with Santa Monica Studio

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Interview with David Meng

Former Weta Workshop sculptor David Meng's filmography ranges from King Kong and District 9 to The Hobbit trilogy and The Shape of Water. He discusses the value of traditional sculpting in a world dominated by digital tools, the qualities needed to succeed in practical effects, and why becoming a good creature designer means learning to think laterally.


Read the interview with David Meng by Jim Thacker

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Matte Painting Production Workflows