The Gnomon Workshop

Anatomy for Artists Volume 2

"Anatomy for Artists Volume 2", Understanding the Lower leg and Foot & Thigh and Gluteals with Rey Bustos.


The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Anatomy for Artists Volume 2", Understanding the Leg and Foot with Rey Bustos In this workshop, Artistic Anatomist and Professor Rey Bustos delves into the anatomy of the human leg and foot. Rey splits the lecture into two sections: the lower leg and foot, then the upper leg, thigh and gluteals. In the first section, he explains and breaks down the forms and major tendons of the feet that make up the most important aspects necessary for every artist to be aware of. He then leads the lecture up to the essential muscles of the leg and lists each muscle and its placement on the skeleton while referencing a muscle sheet that is provided to you. Once the leg and feet are understood, Rey moves up to the thigh and gluteal section of the body. In this section, he starts not with individual muscles as he did with the lower leg, but with the four major groups of muscles in the thigh. These are the quadriceps, the adductors, the flexors (Hamstrings) and finally the gluteal muscles. Rey includes some of the tendons, iliotibial band and relates how to better remember some of these areas as form groups. Though Rey explains the important individual muscles, this lecture makes it easier for the viewer to remember the bigger forms rather than the smaller individual muscles.


By the end of this workshop, Rey’s objective is to teach every student not so much about the details of each muscle but how to see the body in a fuller manner by seeing forms that might not have been seen before, simply because of the lack of awareness of these muscles and forms.