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The Gnomon Workshop is pleased to announce the release of "Designing a Goddess of War", Step-by-Step Workflow with Andy Park. Learn from a master in this three-hour workshop by the Director of Visual Development at Marvel Studios, Andy Park. Sharing the wealth of his experience from a 20-plus-year career designing heroes and villains for movies, comics, and videogames, Andy breaks down his digital painting workflow for creating character concepts in Photoshop and reveals the importance of storytelling in the creation of a successful design. Whether you’re developing a character, environment — or any visual element of a film, TV show, videogame, or comic book — you’ll learn Design and Photoshop techniques used by industry pros in this step-by-step demonstration.


Jumping into Photoshop, Andy walks through his complete workflow for designing a heroin character using the theme “Goddess of War.” The workshop uncovers Andy’s approaches to problem-solving a creative brief and his strategy for researching inspiration and references to help inform the design process. The lecture details how he explores character poses in Photoshop and shares the important design choices that need to be made along the way to help tell the story and function of the character. The second half of the workshop focuses on rendering techniques in Photoshop, taking you step by step through the various stages and digital painting tricks Andy uses in his daily workflow to take concepts through to final presentation.