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Introduction to Grooming With Ornatrix in Maya

Ornatrix, Maya, Substance Painter & V-Ray Workflow With Santhosh Koneru


This introductory workshop reveals everything you need to know to create hair for both animated characters and still renders using Ornatrix in Maya. Santhosh Koneru, a 3D Generalist, details all the basics as well as the essential tools required to generate realistic hair for your 3D characters.

The focus of this video tutorial is on creating facial hair for a character that will eventually be animated. The workflow demonstrated can also be applied even if you only intend to render a still of your character for your portfolio.

Santhosh covers topics including the creation of Distribution Maps and Length/Thickness Maps using Substance Painter and shows how to extensively use Modifiers to match your hair groom with reference images. He shares shading techniques using the new V-Ray Hair Shader in V-Ray 5 for Maya and divulges tips for how to optimize your scenes for a CG cinematic project with additional advice on how to render projects on your home workstation. Santhosh also includes a quick overview of using dynamics in Ornatrix.

The goal of this workshop is to provide you with all the necessary knowledge of Ornatrix that you need to explore and create your own hairstyles for your 3D characters and creatures.

Duration: 2h 49m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Santhosh Koneru

3D Modeler / Generalist at The Third Floor

Santhosh Koneru is a 3D Generalist and a Gnomon School Alum. During the last four years working in the Visual Effects industry, Santhosh has contributed to projects including League of Legends, Call of Duty, Far Cry 5, LawBreakers, and Honor of Kings for BLUR Studios. He was also part of BRUD, the team behind America's first-ever digital influencer Miquela. He is currently working at The Third Floor in Los Angeles. 

Prior to his roles in VFX, Santhosh worked for several years as a Matte Painter, in branding, and as a UI/UX Designer, before transitioning fully into the visual effects industry.