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Wendy Froud

Doll and Model Maker

Wendy Froud was born in Detroit, Michigan. She graduated with a degree in fabric design and ceramics from The Center for Creative Studies in Detroit. She worked as a sculptor and puppet fabricator on The Muppet Show, and the feature films The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth and The Empire Strikes Back. Since moving to Dartmoor, England, with her husband Brian Froud, Wendy has concentrated on doll and model making, and illustrating books including "A Midsummer Night’s Faery Tale", "The Winter Child" and "The Faeries of Spring Cottage" with author Terri Windling. She has provided both models and writing for Brian Froud's books "Goblins!" and "Lady Cottington's Pressed Faery Album". Wendy's newest book is "The Art of Wendy Froud", published by Imaginosis. She teaches doll and figure making workshops as well as mask making workshops in the U.S. and England. Her dolls and figures have been widely exhibited and collected throughout the U.S. and Europe.

  • "The intricacy of the costuming, delicate sculptural finesse of her faces, exquisite miniature props and the enchanted environments of Wendy's creations were not only uplifting to view, but seemed imbued with other worldly spirits that could whisk one away on a whimsical journey out beyond the edge of the garden or across the sun-dappled brook. Her figures had an incredible delicacy, yet each one also had eyes that sparkled with a life and vitality breathed into their bodies by Wendy herself."

    - Richard Taylor
    Director, The WETA Workshop