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3D Scan Integration Techniques

Maya, Mari, V-Ray & Nuke Workflow With Adrien Vallecilla


Adrian Vallecilla’s 5-hour workshop details a complete workflow for integrating hero assets into backplates with photorealistic results. Using a classic technique in visual effects production, Adrien reveals how to transform a 3D scan of a train into a production-ready asset using Maya, discussing the important hard-surface modeling theories while demonstrating the process. The texturing portion includes how to clean up textures from the 3D scan and project them back onto a clean 3D asset using Mari — a standard practice that ensures the CG asset is usable in VFX production.

Back in Maya, the look-dev, lighting, and rendering is handled with V-Ray. Adrien discusses the importance of matching the lighting of the plate with the 3D asset being integrated for truly realistic results and demonstrates how to recreate the correct lighting scenario. Using Maya's render setup tools, Adrien shows how to export all the necessary lighting passes required for professional compositing in Nuke. As well as detailing the process, he also discusses what to look out for when creating realistic CG integrations using Nuke.

Provided with this workshop is Adrien’s low-res model of the environment and camera (.mb file for Maya) used for the shot, which you can download and use with your own assets. An HDR image and backplate courtesy of HDRI Haven is also included from their free collection.

Be sure to check out Adrien’s other workshops detailing Exterior Scene Development and Creating a Photoreal Interior.

Duration: 5h 45m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Adrien Vallecilla

CG Supervisor at Digital Domain

Adrien Vallecilla began learning CGI over a decade ago and has worked professionally for at least five years in the industry. He currently works at Digital Domain as a Lookdev and Lighting Lead, where he’s contributed to notable films including Avengers: Infinity War, Terminator: Dark Fate, Spider-Man: Homecoming, and many more, and he previously worked at Scanline VFX and MPC. Adrien specializes in look-development, lighting, developing sequence light rigs, and efficient workflows for blockbuster movies.