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Introduction to Creating Game-Ready Foliage

A Complete Pipeline With Peyton Varney


Creating game-ready foliage by hand is simplified in this 3-hour workshop by Peyton Varney, Environment Texture Artist on The Last of Us Part II. This beginner-level tutorial walks through the complete process for asset creation, from sourcing references to the final implementation into the Unreal engine.

The entire pipeline of foliage creation is covered, starting with an initial block-out based on the gathered references and moving into the modeling and sculpting process using the industry-standard tools Maya and ZBrush to flesh out the look of the plants. The texture-creation portion delves into Substance Painter and Substance Designer, teaching how you can bring your game assets to life with great textures.

With the assets created, Peyton reveals how to implement both your models and textures into the Unreal engine and set up a scene that looks organic and believable. By completing the workshop, you’ll have a strong understanding of how to create game-ready foliage for scenes by hand, without sacrificing quality or visual fidelity. The techniques can be used to set up everything from a simple scene to a dense forest.

While this workshop is targeted at beginners to game-asset creation, basic knowledge of Maya, ZBrush, and Substance Painter is recommended. Follow our Introduction to Maya, Introduction to ZBrush, and Introduction to Substance Painter to build your foundations in these industry-standard tools.

The Unreal Engine level template, including Peyton’s initial layout, sculpts, and shaders before he begins adding the vegetation, is included for subscribers to download as a project file with this workshop.

Duration: 3h 07m

Format: HD 1920x1080

Peyton Varney

Environment Texture Artist at Naughty Dog

Peyton Varney is an Environment Texture Artist from South Alabama, currently working at the AAA game studio, Naughty Dog, in Santa Monica. He contributed to The Last of Us Part II published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PlayStation, and prior to that worked on Marvel's Spider-Man for the PS4 while interning at Insomniac Games in Los Angeles. Peyton enjoys sharing his knowledge with others to help game artists understand the basics of creating professional-quality work.