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Comic Book Pin Ups

The Art of Sex Appeal through Pose and Expression



In this demonstration, Joe Benitez unveils the secrets of drawing alluring comic book style pin-up characters. Sex appeal and allure is conveyed through many methods including stylized proportions, foreshortening, twists and curves. The importance of facial expression is also discussed in the context of conveying the right mood or emotion, along how this ties the character together.

Duration: 2h 32m

Format: HD 1280x720

Joe Benitez

Comic Book Artist

Joe Benitez is an American comic book artist who has worked on such titles as JLA, Superman/Batman, Detective Comics, Supergirl, and Titans for DC Comics and The Darkness for Image Comics. He also co-created and penciled the sci-fi series Weapon Zero and the dark fantasy mini-series Magdalena: Blood Divine for Image. In 2005, Joe published his first creator-owned mini-series Wraithborn through Wildstorm. In 2009, he stepped in to finish up Michael Turner's run on Soulfire. Joe is currently working on a new creator-owned series, Lady Mechanika, published by Aspen Comics.