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Unreal Engine Complete Material System Overview

Fundamental and Advanced Techniques with Charleston Silverman


This comprehensive 18-chapter workshop, taught by Lead Digital Projects Engineer Charleston Silverman, gives a complete overview of Unreal’s Material System. By providing valuable insights into the functions of Unreal and demonstrating how to utilize many of the features available in the powerful system, Charleston guides the viewer through both the basics and the advanced settings that Unreal artists need to know to ensure textures and materials are used efficiently by the Unreal Engine. By following this workshop, artists will be empowered with the solid foundations needed to fully understand and create just about any material that can be imagined.

During the course of more than three hours of lectures, Charleston covers a vast array of information and techniques, discussing everything from texture setup, import basics and the fundamentals of creating materials, to PBR workflows and creating material instances. His thorough instruction not only teaches how to set everything up correctly but also the importance behind the processes. His practical instruction also includes the setup of various material types, including Fresnel, Emissive, Animated, Offset, Tessellation, Color Masking, Vertex Paint, and Parallax Occlusion Mapping. In addition, the workshop delves into many advanced techniques including setting up a material parameter collection that can be controlled via a sequence or timeline, allowing you to animate your materials along with other sequences in your scene.

Duration: 223 Minutes

Format: HD 1920x1080

Charleston Silverman

Lead Digital Projects Engineer at Digital Nation Entertainment

Charleston Silverman specializes in development for real-time rendering pipelines. His digital asset creation specialties include 3D modeling, videogrammetry, photogrammetry, materials, texturing, and lighting, and he is also well versed in various types of digital content development. 

Having worked on projects for companies such as Time, Inc., NASA, Weta, Sony Pictures, Warner Brothers, CNN, NBA, and Apple, Charleston boasts extensive experience in digital content creation for standard media, VR, and AR within the games and film-development industry.