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Anatomy Workshop Vol. 5 - Structure and Anatomy of the Human Torso with Charles Hu


In Anatomy Workshop Vol.5 “Structure and Anatomy of the Human Torso” Charles discusses the skeletal and muscular systems of the human torso, starting with a brief overview of the skeletal structure. He then begins to discuss the various muscular systems of the human torso from both the front and back. Starting with the frontal muscles of the neck, Charles covers the chest, shoulders and abdominal muscle groups, before moving to the muscle groups on the back. In his discussions, Charles is sure to demonstrate the mechanical influence of each muscle group in terms of how it relates to human motion

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Congratulation to Aristomenis Tsirbas and all the Gnomon Students

The "UFO Over Santa Clarita" short  made it onto Wired.com today!


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Congratulations to Scott Spencer and Wayne Barlowe

Working along side renowned fantasy artist Wayne BarloweScott Spencer was a creature and character designer on The Hobbit. Working to help develop everything from Dwarven style to monsterous creatures. The Hobbit represents 3 years of work from the folks at Weta Workshop.

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Rick Baker

Congratulations to Rick Baker for receiving his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame!

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Yellowstone Supervolcano VFX

Check out this amazing work by our friends, and tutorial authors, Eric Hanson and Greg Downing of xRez. Really amazing stuff! Yellowstone Supervolcano VFX


This is a breakdown of the visual effects techniques employed by xRez Studio to reveal a geologic cutaway of the Grand Prismatic pool in Yellowstone National Park, for the film "Supervolcanoes", directed and produced by Tom Lucas and Spitz, Inc. Designed for the planetarium fulldome format, the shot intends to show a small portion of the vast underground magma chamber that sits below the states of Wyoming and Idaho. The depth and size portrayed is based on real scientific data.

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Neville Page is a judge on the new season of Face Off!

Hey everyone... our good friend, and tutorial author, Neville Page is a judge on the new season of Face Off! Tune yourself in and watch Neville get in on the critiques of some very talented contestants!